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Qualitätsmanagement in der Praxis Dr. Nikolaus Höllen: Internist, Sportmedizin, Allgemeinmedizin - 10781 Berlin-Schöneberg Fotomotiv: Portrait Dr. Höllen

Theory transcends possible experience

As an internist, I provide quality-assured services. A list of our quality-assured services (diagnosis and therapy) can be found here.

In Berlin, more than two thirds of all diagnostic and therapeutic services that registered doctors provide for patients insured under a statutory public health insurance scheme are subject to a special quality assurance by the KV Berlin (association of public health insurance panel doctors). That is 99 per cent of all services that can at present be audited by external quality control.

These quality-assured services may only be provided by a contracted panel doctor or psychotherapist if he or she can demonstrate evidence of a specialist qualification, and fulfils certain prerequisites in relation to equipment, premises and organisation, as appropriate. Furthermore, for some services there are additional checks, which the KV conducts to validate the quality of a service, even after approval has been granted. Only doctors who satisfy these high quality requirements are permitted to provide that service at the expense of the public health insurance scheme.