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Praxis Dr. Nikolaus Höllen: Internist, Sportmedizin, Allgemeinmedizin - 10781 Berlin-Schöneberg Fotomotiv: Waldhang am Wasser

We treat the patient, not the test result.

You can obtain medical rehabilitation services if your earning capacity (ability to work) is considerably at risk, or reduced, and if you meet the conditions laid down in insurance law. For example, this is normally the case after a heart attack or stroke (apoplexy).

These services (cures) are performed either as an inpatient (in Berlin, or for example by the sea in the case of lung diseases), or as a day care outpatient near home in a quality assured rehabilitation centre. The choice of centre depends on the illness and your personal situation.

You can make the necessary applications here so that we can set them in motion.

Dr Höllen is authorised to make rehab applications for health insurance schemes (German Regulation on Medical Rehabilitation); the necessary certificates are available.